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Lower Mattigami- Smokey Falls

Lower Mattigami- Smokey Falls

Lower Mattigami- Smokey Falls Powerh

Lower Mattigami- Smokey Falls Powerh

Lower Mattigami-Overhead Crane

Lower Mattigami-Overhead Crane


100km North of Kapuskasing, ON

Completion Date





Kiewit-Alarie Partnership


Ontario Power Generation

Lower Mattagami, Kapuskasing, ON

This project retired the old 52-megawatt (MW) Smoky Falls Generating Station and constructed a new 271-MW station immediately adjacent to the existing plant.

3 other power generating stations were built along the Mattagami River:


  • ​Little Long,

  • Kipling and

  • Harmon.

In total, the project produces over 440 MW.

Hydro stations typically remain in service for 90 years or more. Hydro electricity is crucial to Ontario's electrical system because it provides renewable energy on demand, when it’s needed most.

First Nation partners

Construction of the $2.6 billion Lower Mattagami Project is complete and site restoration is underway. OPG's partner in the project is the Moose Cree First Nation. The First Nation has a 25 per cent equity share in the new generating units.

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