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Steel with our Coffee - Supermétal is back in Colombia

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Building off the success of the extraordinary Atrio tower, Supermétal is once again fabricating and erecting steel with our valued partners ARPRO SA in Bogota, Colombia.

The new Science Building of the Javeriana University is located on the northwestern side of the university campus. This project having ​​19,060 m2 of floor space, consists of 1000 metric tons of steel. The project has 2 basements, a semi-basement and a 13-story tower which will house laboratories, offices, cafeterias, auditorium, and classrooms once completed.

The tower is constructed using a mixed concrete and steel structure which requires rigorous attention to detail to meet the tolerances of the combined structural systems as well as a complex shoring system to support truss sections as they are erected. The outrigger, façade, and interior trusses are supported by an intricate hydraulic jacking system. The loads of the trusses are released once they are fully bolted at the center splices and truss ends are welded to steel plate embeds.

The spliced trusses were designed and fabricated from our facilities in Quebec and our fabrication partner in Colombia.

On this institutional build, Supermétal has an experienced and dedicated workforce consisting of Canadian management and Colombian workforce. We look forward to additional opportunities in the land of great coffee to follow later in 2021.


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