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Supermétal's reputation for quality, reliability and efficiency has been built over decades of commitment to our customers' needs, and a willingness to continually change as the projects and technology evolve. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have earned, and we work hard to ensure that Supermétal always deserves the trust and respect of our clients.

Each of our locations adhere to the most stringent quality and health and safety guidelines.

Levis, QC

Lévis, QC

A Modern Facility

Supermetal acquired the Lévis fabrication plant in 1983. It has since been expanded on several occasions and now boasts a production line that is 700 feet long. In the last few years, a multi-million dollar modernization program has enabled our Lévis plant to maintain the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency. Sections of the building also house our head offices and our rapidly expanding design department.

Quick Facts

  • Number of employees: 235

  • Annual capacity: 25,000 tons

  • Production Floor: 90,000 square feet

  • Paint Facility: 20,000 square feet

  • Office space: 20,000 square feet

  • Storage space under traveling cranes:
    90,000 square feet

  • Overhead traveling cranes: 30

  • Maximum traveling crane load: 10 tons.


1955, 5e rue, Industrial Centre 
Lévis, Quebec, Canada G6W 5M6

Tel.: (418) 834-1955

Sherbrooke, QC is strategically located to service both Canadian and our American customers as the facility is located 35 miles of the US border, next to the New England states.

Specializes in:

  • Extra heavy steel work

  • Oversized beams

  • bridgework

  • Annual capacity: 15,000 tons

  • 100 employees

  • Traveling cranes with 60-ton lifting capacity

  • Production line: 775 feet long

  • Production floor: 115,000 square feet

  • Service area: 58,000 square feet

  • Painting area: 13,000 square feet

  • Exterior area under traveling cranes: 30,000 square feet

  • Total service area: 185,000 square feet


North America's Most Unique CMM Girder Welding Machine
Installed in 2016 for the Turcot Interchange project the 140 ft long automated welding machine produces both the camber and curvature of the girders.

Our 2018 Addition

To accomodate increased bridge capacity, Supermétal has an additional bay running the length of the building adding 50,000 sq ft.

Sherbrooke, QC


375 de Courcelette
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J1H 3X4

Tel: (819) 566-2965

Leduc, AB

Our purchase of an Edmonton plant in 2003 marked an important development in Supermétal's history. We would now be able to serve the northwest sector of North America at lower cost.


In 2008, we moved to a brand new building in Leduc. All of the processes that contribute to the quality of Supermetal's structural steel are applied with the same rigour at the Leduc plant. Our production database is linked by our servers enabling fabrication from 2 or more facilities at the same time.


This facility is situated on 9 acres which provides module assembly and staging areas.


Quick Facts

  • Annual capacity: 5,000 tons

  • 14,000 sq ft

  • 30 employees

  • 9 Acres


3813, 75th Avenue
Leduc, Alberta, Canada T9E 0K3

Tel.: (780) 980-4830

Manila, Philippines, Engineering Office

Our 50 employees in Manila start their work day when our North American teams finish theirs. The mission of our Asia division is to create shop drawings, prepare take-offs and produce 3D models so that our clients can expect everything to be ready as soon as possible. This office is strictly a Supermétal office and is integrated in our networks.


Yes: Supermetal is on the job 24 hours a day!


The Manila team works with AutoCAD, SDS/2 and Tekla Structures detaiing software.

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