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Muskrat Falls - Nalcor Energy

Phase one of the Lower Churchill Project is referred to as the Muskrat Falls Project – an 824 megawatt Hydro facility near Goose Bay. Supermétal has recently completed fabricating and erecting 4000t for a powerhouse housing four turbines with two service bays for Astaldi Canada.

Lower Mattigami.jpg
Lower Mattagami- Multiple Powerhouses

4 power generating stations were built along the Mattagami River in Northern Ontario: Smoky Falls, Little Long, Kipling and Harmon. In total, the project produces over 440 MW.

Wuskwatum Crane.jpg
Wuskwatum Hydro Powerhouse


200-megawatt, run-of-river hydroelectric generating station on the Burntwood River at Taskinigup Falls. 800km north of Winnipeg.

Keephills 3 Construction Team.jpg
Keephills 3 - Coal Plant Expansion

This project of over 3600 tons of steel encompasses the turbine room, pumping station, water treatment centre as well as the control room. Located 70 km west of Edmonton, the facility will supply 495 MW of electricity.

Wind Turbine Installation

Supermétal has experienced Journeyman on our payroll ready to install your upcoming wind turbine project. We also have a team of project manager's with experience on Quebec wind farms.


Call us today for crane analysis and to bid on your renewable energy installation.

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