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Vale Copper Cliff AER Baghouse

Supermétal has completed the installation of 850 tonnes of structural steel, in 5 main areas. This project brings challenges for steel erection due to the proximity to the operational existing buildings and the adjacent railway.

IOC Mill Facility2.jpg
RioTinto IOC, Storage Facility


Supermétal's contract incorporated design assist, fabricate, paint and installation of the cantilever towers supporting a new conveyor system that was launched into the structure to minimize the impact on the existing Ore Storage facility.

Agrium Vault.JPG
Agrium VAULT

The project titled “VAULT” involves the expansion of Agrium's existing Vanscoy underground potash mine, production hoist, concentrator and infrastructure to increase the production capacity to 2.8 Mt/y. The steel required a 3-coat epoxy painting system and 400 tons of fire-rated intumescent coatings. 

Glencore Raglan Mine 

Supermetal was contracted for the fabrication and erection of the concentrator and power plant facilities. Because of the short construction window at the northern mine site, Supermetal assembled the ten to twelve-story high modules and barged them to the remote North Quebec mine.

Assembly Yard.jpg
K+S Legacy Modules

68 modules for K+S solution potash mine were fabricated and assembled in Supermetal's Leduc yard.

RioTinto Alcan AP60

Supermetal fabricated and installed 6500 tonnes of structural steel for RioTinto Alcan's 2 parallel pot lines at AP60. Minimizing work at heights by modularizing on the ground.

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