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Supermétal was incorporated in 1959. The company began with a group of three to five employees who worked on various small projects. Doing mostly ornamental metalwork, they operated out of a rented garage in a residential neighborhood.


The first major project for the young company was a metal stairway in the Quebec suburb of Montmorency. The public stairway climbed the side of a hill and connected two streets for pedestrian use. This project is pictured to the right.

The proceeds from the Montmorency project were invested in the construction of Supermétal's first plant in an industrial section of Vanier, Quebec.

1961 - 1970

The Vanier plant was significantly expanded during this period.

During the 1960's, Supermétal became more involved in structural steel projects. By 1970, the tonnage of our average project had grown considerably, and ornamental metal projects were discontinued.

1970 - 1979

The Vanier plant was expanded repeatedly during the ‘70s. The largest expansion occurred in 1979.

In addition to building the size of our organization, we also built on our reputation for quality and service. By the end of the decade, Supermétal was clearly a major regional steel fabricator and erector.

1979 - 1983

All of Supermétal's current executives were hired to various positions in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.


1983 was a very big year for Supermétal. As the size of projects continued to grow, our original plant in Vanier no longer had room for expansion. To meet the greater demand, we purchased a new plant at a site across the St. Lawrence River in St. Romuald, near Quebec City.

André Bouchard, accepted the position of General Manager at Supermétal. The new property in St. Romuald featured a more modern plant, an 800,000-square-foot yard, and easy access to highways, rail yards and docks. At the time, the plant was roughly half the size that it is today.

1983 - 1994

Several expansions were made to our St. Romuald facility as the size of our projects continued to increase.

In 1994, office facilities were added to the St. Romuald property. After their completion, our administrative and engineering staff was moved from the Vanier location.

In 1987, Mr. Bouchard took on the position of President of Supermétal, while retaining his role as General Manager.

1996 - 2001

In the years leading up to our company's 40th anniversary, we invested over $5 million to expand the size, efficiency and capabilities of the St. Romuald plant.

In 1997, Supermétal became one of the first steel fabricators in Canada to achieve ISO-9001certification.

Included in our investment plan was a move to the sophisticated technology of the SDS/2 design software package. This software and the CNC machines on the production floor have radically altered our methods and capabilities for engineering, detailing, fabrication and resource management.

In 1998, work began on the project that would eventually become one of our largest to date. Over the next three years, we fabricated and erected 15,000 tons of steel for ALCAN's huge aluminum smelter project in Alma, Quebec.

Early in 2001, we completed the purchase of the Sherbrooke plant. The new plant's capacities for extra heavy and oversized beams perfectly complement the capabilities of our existing facilities.

2002 - 2009

Over the last few years, Supermétal has undertaken different expansion projects to extend the company's geographic presence and production capacity throughout North America. The company is now better placed than ever to serve clients all over the continent.

In 2002, Supermétal opened a sales office in Alabama, USA, positioning itself in the American South.

2004 has been an important year for the company. Supermétal acquired a fabrication plant in Edmonton, Alberta and expanded its erection division to all of western Canada. Most recently, Supermétal acquired a detailing office in Manila, Philippines, where its Drafting division is based.

In 2008, just as Supermétal was getting ready to celebrate its half-century, and with 31 years of industrial peace to its credit, the company moved its plant from Edmonton to Leduc, a few kilometers away, and signed its first contracts in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia. After more than 50 years, Supermétal has the wind in its sails.

2010 - 2021

After a strategic transition process that took place over several years, the new team takes the lead in 2010 and consists of 4 directors - all of which work in the company on a daily basis. Jean-François Blouin becomes President and General Manager. In the past few years the company has hired new executives, purchased new software, new state-of art equipment and expanded our shops, and expanded our reach to new continents, in efforts to be the leader in complete steel construction. 

2021 - Present Day

In 2021 Canam Group Inc, acquired Supermétal Structures Inc., retaining the personnel and shops of Supermétal was key to the purchase. In 2022 contracts and orders are now under Canam Group, with only Supermetal Construction Inc. operating while remaining as an entity.

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