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Jean-François Blouin, ENG

President - General Manager

Jean-François Blouin has filled several positions with Supermétal, such as Estimating Manager and Western Division Manager, before being named General Manager. Since 2010, he holds the position of President - General Manager.

A Civil Engineering graduate of McGill University specialized in structures, Mr. Blouin has had a solid professional training that also includes MBA courses in corporate management. Added to this is continuing education in strategic sales, negotiation skills (ETS) and in health and safety on construction sites (ASP). He is a registered engineer in Quebec and an active member of CISC:


Marc Robitaille, P.ENG

Vice-President, Engineering

At Supermétal, every project must go through the Engineering Service team under the supervision of Marc Robitaille. He has over 15 years of experience in coordinating the technical aspects of projects and the execution of drawings. As Vice-President of Engineering, he is also responsible for research and development, as well as IT.

With his pedagogical bent, Marc is a real coach for his team, and has in fact taught technical estimating, building assessment and connection design at several colleges and institutions. He is an excellent technical speaker.


Marc completed his civil engineering education at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique, with a specialty in structures. In addition, he obtained a diploma in structural steel connection design at College Ahuntsic.

With a constant desire to increase his level of knowledge, he has taken numerous specialized courses at some of the best institutions in North America: the Canadian Welding Bureau, McGill University, the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC and NASCC) and the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC).

Marc Robitaille is a registered engineer in 7 provinces and a member of several professional associations:


Jean-François Leclerc, ENG

Vice-President - Western Division

From the time he arrived at Supermétal in 2001, Jean-François Leclerc has taken on major responsibilities. As project head and structural engineer, he tackled such challenges as:

  • Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower, 50-story office building in Calgary, Alberta (12,000 tonnes)

  • the Blackfan Research Center at Boston's Center for Llife Science (9000 tons)

  • the expansion project for Shell's AOSP refinery in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (11,000 tons).


He is currently in charge of Supermétal's activities in Western Canada.

A graduate of Laval University in civil engineering, Jean-François is a registered engineer in Quebec (OIQ) since 1997.


Bruno Vien, ENG

Vice-President, Project Management

Project management has been part of the daily routine for Bruno Vien since he arrived at Supermétal in 1996. His enormous experience, which includes managing commercial, industrial and residential projects, allows him to quickly grasp the scope of the challenges facing the Supermetal team in the plant and on the site.

He has, amongst others, managed the following projects:


  • Rio Tinto Alcan AP-60 plant in Jonquiere (5000 tonnes),

  • three potash projects in Saskatchewan for Mosaic & Potash Corp., 

  • New York state's EMPAC amphitheatre (4000 tons),

  • Boston University's recreation centre (6000 tons), 

  • the 550 Atlantic Avenue hotel complex in Boston (7000 tons), and

  • the Syncrude SER industrial project in Fort McMurray, Alberta (6200 tons).


After obtaining his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Laval University in 1994, Bruno continued studying in his field, with specialized courses in project management, training in ISO 9001 quality control, and in seismic-resistant structural steel design. He is a registered engineer in Quebec (OIQ).


Michel Marcotte, ENG

Vice-President, Estimating

Michel Marcotte, an engineer by training, began his career as a professor specializing in structural steel. Having joined Supermetal in 1980 as engineer in charge of project administration and estimates, he took on the role of Vice-President in 1988.

With a degree in Civil Engineering (Structures), Mr. Marcotte has also studied the Applied Sciences. He has continually updated his professional training with courses in welding and construction site security and safety, as well as in the English language.

Allan Metzger Profile Picture_edited.jpg

Allan Metzger, B. MGT

Sales and Preconstruction Manager

Allan Metzger joined the Western Division of Supermétal in 2006 as the Sales Manager for Western Canada. He currently holds the position of Sales and Preconstruction Manager managing the Sales department. His responsibilities include consulting with clients, collaborating with the estimating staff, preparing proposals, and negotiating contracts.

After graduating from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Management, Allan spent 4 years in outside technical sales for a conveyor parts manufacturer which eventually lead to a Sales Manager position. Allan also has experience in petroleum manufacturing  and agriculture industries and currently resides near Calgary, AB.

Contact Allan at 780-231-0904.

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