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Jean-François Leclerc, ENG

Vice-President - Construction Division

From the time he arrived at Supermétal in 2001, Jean-François Leclerc has taken on major responsibilities. As project head and structural engineer, he tackled such challenges as:

  • Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower, 50-story office building in Calgary, Alberta (12,000 tonnes)

  • the Blackfan Research Center at Boston's Center for Llife Science (9000 tons)

  • the expansion project for Shell's AOSP refinery in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (11,000 tons).


He is currently in charge of Supermétal Construction Inc. and Canam's Project Management.

A graduate of Laval University in civil engineering, Jean-François is a registered engineer in Quebec (OIQ) since 1997.


Jean-François Blouin, ENG

Senior VP Structures  -  Vice-Président Sénior Structures

Jean-François Blouin has filled several positions with Supermétal, such as Estimating Manager and Western Division Manager, before being named General Manager. Since 2010, he holds the position of President - General Manager.

A Civil Engineering graduate of McGill University specialized in structures, Mr. Blouin has had a solid professional training that also includes MBA courses in corporate management. Added to this is continuing education in strategic sales, negotiation skills (ETS) and in health and safety on construction sites (ASP). He is a registered engineer in Quebec and an active member of CISC:

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