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(YYC) Calgary International Airport, New International Terminal
  • 6000t Calgary Airport expansion utilizing a complex Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel system.

  • 3D sloped roof truss design.

  • Spanning 2012-2014.

  • Many design assist initiatives ensured the project proceeded on schedule

YYC Baggage Interior3.jpg
(YYC) Calgary International Airport, Baggage Handling System - Domestic Terminal

Spanning from 2016 - 2019, Supermétal will be relied upon as a steel construction manager responsible for the design, fabrication and installation on a new baggage handling system in an existing and operational facility.

(YYZ) Toronto International Pearson Airport - Pier F

The International Pier F is 900 feet long and features two high-speed moving walkways. Its construction signals the completion of an eight-year expansion plan undertaken by the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA). Beginning in mid-2004, it was carried out while the old Terminal 1 was being demolished, along with a small part of Terminal 2, to permit construction of Pier F. 

HPIM0191 (2).jpg
(JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport - Red Garage


This parking garage structure uses steel frames with precast double tee concrete floor systems selected for
economy, appearance and the ability to meet tight design and construction schedules.The structure also uses architecturally exposed painted structural steel and double-threaded steel framed helices for entrance/exit ramps.

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