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Roof Complex Member


Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta Falcons - Mercedes Benz Stadium

  • A new 72,000-seat retractable roof stadium for hosting NFL games and other sporting events.

  • Supermetal was responsible for fabricating large complex trusses used to connect the roof system.

The winning design, submitted by HOK, featured an eight-panel retractable roof that resembled a pinwheel, and a glass wall that would open with the roof to allow in fresh air.

The roof design included eight triangular translucent panels, that when opened would create the illusion of a bird's wings extended. Surrounding the opening of the roof would be a halo video board that would enclose the playing surface, stretching from one of the 10-yard lines to the other and then curving around the end zones to complete the oval. Each of the eight panels operates on two straight, parallel rails; one rail is responsible for moving the panel while the other rail stabilizes the panel.

The Stadium features a circular 58-by-1,100-foot (18 by 335 m)  LED board that rings the opening of the stadium's roof, and would be three times as large as the current largest single display board in the NFL.

Architect Bill Johnson said the circular opening in the roof was inspired by the Roman Pantheon. The roof was designed to be made of a clear, lightweight polymer material that can adjust its opacity to control light, and much of the exterior will be clear polymer or glass to allow views to the outside. The middle concourse and upper bowl were eliminated in the east end zone to allow for an unobstructed view of the Atlanta skyline.

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