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Green Monster Seats

Green Monster Seats


Boston, MA

Completion Date




General Contractor

Walsh Bros.


McNamara Salvia

Fenway Park- Green Monster Seating and Expansions

Supermétal has been assigned several expansion projects for the famous Fenway Park, the oldest major-league baseball stadium in the United States and home to the Boston Red Sox, to add seating in the Green Monster. The owners' appreciation was such that Supermetal has been engaged for two further projects.


The stadium is famous for the "Green Monster", a 37-foot-high wall in left field, which still incorporates a hand-operated score board. Over several years, seating has been added on a regular basis (above the Green Monster, on a balcony behind the Pesky Pole) and the capacity has thereby increased to 37,400 spectators.

Due to the advanced construction turnover date the Supermétal team and associated trades were invited to the opening day on the Green Monster seating, we were also on the field for the opening pitch and contributed to the singing of the National anthems.

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