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Kearl Aerial

Kearl Aerial

Tailings Piperack

Tailings Piperack

Kearl Aerial2

Kearl Aerial2


Fort McMurray, AB

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Imperial Oil

Imperial Oil Kearl KDeOx

Supermétal was selected by the Kiewit, to fabricate over 2200 tonnes of steel on the new KDeOx process facility at Imperial Oil’s Kearl oilsand mine. The facility deoxygenates the recycled water used in the site’s cogeneration plant, producing power for the industrial plant.


Corrosion control in piping, boilers, and associated equipment is an important issue with power generation facilities. The presence of dissolved oxygen in process waters coming into contact with this equipment is one of the major sources of corrosion. In order to minimize this corrosion source, the process will remove virtually all dissolved oxygen by means of mechanical devices and chemical reactions.

Supermétal was chosen for this area as our company has had 2 previously successful contracts with Kiewit in different areas of the Kearl site. As well our company secures project schedule in this important area of the 350,000 barrel a day facility.

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