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Assembly Yard

Assembly Yard

Assembly Yard2

Assembly Yard2

KS Aerial_edited

KS Aerial_edited


Bethune, SK

Completion Date





Amec Foster Wheeler & PCL Construction


K+S Potash Canada

K+S Legacy Potash Modules

At Saskatchewan’s newest potash mine, a solution mine near Regina, PCL teamed up with Supermétal to produce 72 modules. Supermétal’s pre-assembly yard employed 50 Ironworkers and was constructing simultaneously 10 modules at a time, to meet a tight delivery schedule.

At an investment of about $4.1 billion, Bethune mine is the single largest project in the company history of the K+S Group.


The mine has enabled K+S Group to:

  • gain access to valuable potash resources from an additional source

  • better positioned itself to participate in the expected market growth

  • decrease its average potash production costs significantly

  • become the only potash producer with production sites on two continents

  • extend its worldwide presence and proximity to markets

  • strengthen its competitiveness significantly

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