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Supermetal Installed Exceptional Steel Nodes at CIBC SQUARE - 141 Bay Tower

Toronto, ON - Supermetal, Canada's leading structural steel fabricator and erector, has successfully installed 12 massive steel nodes at level 3 of the prestigious 141 Bay Tower at CIBC SQUARE. The nodes range from 18 to 40 metric tons (90,000 lbs), with the largest steel entities requiring an engineered lift procedure involving 2 cranes, or a 'tandem pick'. The nodes are composed of a innovative steel casting for the 'V' shape from Cast ConnexⓇ, and they are furnished with a 203mm and 254 mm (8 and 10 inches) stacked plate system on the protruding stubs and base.

The nodes will receive the diagonal columns which tie back to the concrete core at level 7, which will then receive the loads from the 48 tower floors above. The tower connects to the 1-acre overbuild park area, spanning over the rail system and the previously completed 81 Bay tower.

The 141 Bay Tower at CIBC SQUARE is a 130,065-square metre (1,400,000-square foot) office building designed to LEED™ Platinum (core and shell) standards.

Supermetal is a subsidiary of Canam Group Inc. With shops across North America, The Quebec based corporation is proud to be contracted under the Construction Manager - EllisDon, and to work in close collaboration with the Owners, Structural Engineers and Architects.


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