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Turcot Interchange
  • Largest construction project to take place in Quebec and one of Supermétal’s largest.
  • Managed by KPH Turcot, The contract represents 16,000 tons bridge girders

  • Supermétal invested in North America's only CMM plate girder fabrication machine 

New Champlain Bridge - Support Towers

​To provide temporary support to the main cable-stayed span of the new Champlain bridge, Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) awarded a contract to Supermétal for fabricating 8 towers. The lattice towers are composed of large 32" diameter tubes, built-up welded members, over a height of nearly 40m.

Building Bridges

Supermétal has a long "spanned" history fabricating girders for bridges in Quebec. This background has provided the expertise for manufacturing Transfer girders, Caissons, Trusses and Special columns.

New in our Sherbrooke, QC plant is the addition of the CMM automated plate girder welding machine from Italy. This 160' machine takes up an entire bay of the Eastern Quebec shop. The first of it's kind in North America, it produces the swoops and camber while being fed in the welding area; a process that is typically done in pre-production stages.

Supermétal has the following quality certifications pertaining to bridges:

  • CWB CSA W47.1-05 Div. 1

  • AISC Standard Building with Special Paint Endorsement; Major Bridge with Fracture Critical Endorsement

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