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Fall 2019 Project Pictures

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Autumn is in full swing and our site crews have been busy erecting steel across North America. Here are pictures and information about Supermétal's 5 major projects in Boston, Quebec City, Calgary and Vancouver.


Girders at MIT Site 3 - Boston, MA

All 10 massive girders have now been installed on the 7th floor of the MIT – Site 3 project. The Girders were erected with a 1600 ton crawler crane! Girders weigh 180,000 lbs each and were fabricated in Supermetal's Sherbrooke, QC plant.


400 West Georgia Office Tower - Vancouver, BC

We are now entering the complex sequences of erection! Supermétal's Construction Division is erecting the 7th floor and beginning the cantilevered box installation.

The 25-story 400 W. Georgia office tower requires 4500MT of steel and anticipates topping out in 2Q of 2020. The 301 ft tall iconic building will include living green walls, offset stacked cubes with glass floors, enabling views of the streets below.


9th Avenue Platform Parkade - Calgary, AB

5 major trusses have been installed on the unique Design-Assisted Parkade for CMLC. Across the street from Supermétal's award winning New Central Library project, the new Platform Parkade will be adaptable to accommodate retail and commercial spaces as time will demand. In addition to fabrication and erection of the structure, Supermétal provided stability analysis, erection procedures, temporary bracing design and alternative ramp design.


BMH Durfee High School - Fall River, MA

3000 tons of steel have arrived for a new 3-story 500,000 square foot, high school. This $250 M structure will be designed to accommodate 2,500 students and integrates the original design elements of the bell tower, arched windows, hip roof and an observatory deck.


Medicago - Quebec City, QC

Working with our valued client EBC, the structure will require 2700 MT and will begin erecting steel in November 2019. The new 44,000-square-metre manufacturing complex will be located in the Estimauville Innovation Area in Quebec City, and will include the company’s headquarters as well as research and development and production facilities.


Stay tuned for new exciting project announcements for 2020 and beyond!


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